Is your Shopify store not getting enough traffic? SEO Get Clicked is the best SEO app for Shopify and can help you. Let me tell you why!

Whether you’re a newbie just starting out or an advanced SEO ninja, our app can improve your site. SEO Get Clicked helps business owners increase their SEO and drive organic traffic by providing SEO tools to optimize their ranking. Our app helps you understand everything you need to do in order to start showing up on search results. From helpful video tutorials to easy scanner checks, we guide you through the process step by step.

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Quick 1 Click Install

Our app works instantly just by clicking the install button. Our app doesn’t require you to know any coding at all.

Automatic Structured Data

Our app literally changes how you appear in search results which is very powerful! Here’s how!

Our app automatically creates structured data (JSON-ld code) for your entire site.


  • Helps Google award your site with Rich Snippets which are better looking search results
  • Rich snippets POP out in search results because they display yellow star ratings
  • Helps Google show your products with pricing ($35.99) and availability (in-stock)
  • Case studies show rich snippets get more clicks and traffic than plain results 
  • Encourages Google to show you more in search results
  • Every time you edit or add a product, we’ll automatically update your structured data
  • Syncs with Google Merchant Center so your ads will have the correct product information
    json ld for shopify store

    Structured data is backend code for all your products. It helps Google display your star ratings in search results

Optimize Products, Collections, Blogs & Pages

Not sure how to improve your product pages? Don’t worry because SEO Get Clicked will help you optimize your products one by one. We’ll show you how to use targeted keywords on your products so you can start showing up in search results. You can also edit your product title, page title, meta description, and image ALT text all in one convenient location. If you’re not sure if you did everything right, you can use our Scanner tool to check your product for issues. Plus, you can now optimize your Collections, Blog articles and other pages on your site using our app’s scanner tool. Our SEO app helps you improve all of the pages on your website by showing you how to use keywords in the right places.

get clicked seo shopify marketing app

Learn where to place your keywords on your pages so you can rank higher

SEO Scanner

Our Scanner Tool automatically checks your products and pages for common SEO errors. We let you know what the issue is and how you can fix it so you can start to rank higher. For example, we’ll tell you exactly where to place your keyword so Google can know what keyword you’re trying to rank for.

seo scanner tool

Scan your Shopify store for common SEO issues and learn how to fix them

Keyword Suggestions

Not sure what keyword to use or what a keyword is? No problem! Our “Keyword Suggestion” tool helps you get instant keyword ideas pulled directly from Google. Use our keyword suggestions to get the ball rolling. It’s much better to optimize your products with keywords people are actually searching for and our app helps you do that.

keyword suggestions tool

Get instant keyword suggestions for your products, collections and blog articles with one click

Keyword Rank Tracker

The only way to know your rank is to check your keyword ranking! 😜 We’re proud to say we’re the first & only Shopify SEO app to offer a keyword rank tracker. Use our tool to see which keywords you are ranking for easily in one convenient report. Our keyword ranking report helps you keep tabs on your progress so you rank higher over time. 

We analyze your keywords and let you know your keyword position on Google search results (in real time!) This is great information to keep an eye on so you can know exactly how well you’re doing.

keyword tracking report

Track all of your keywords in one place! See what position your keywords show up on Google search results

Competitor Analysis

Our keyword rank tracker also offers competitor analysis. Keep a close eye on your competitors by seeing how they rank for the same keywords you’re targeting!

Keyword Data

We’re currently tracking over 100k keywords and counting in our database.  We are the only Shopify SEO app that is taking our SEO software to the next level by gathering intelligent data. Adolab is working on creating powerful SEO tools using AI (artificial intelligence) to help guide your decisions. New features are always in the works!

Fix Your Broken Links

Do you know which links on your website are broken? Our app shows you all the broken links you have on your website. You can fix these broken links using our app. We help you create re-directs for these to increase your SEO.  A redirect is when you provide a working (good URL) so the broken link can be redirected (sent over) to the working URL. Broken backlinks are important to fix so you can reclaim any lost traffic. It prevents frustrating customers when they arrive at a page that doesn’t exist. Fixing broken links makes Google happy and can increase your SEO ranking.
fix 404 errors broken links shopify

See all broken links on your website. Fix your 404 errors with a quick redirect. Transfers your SEO link juice to a working URL

Live Chat Support 

Need help while using our app? Send us a message on our app with our live chat feature. You’ll be able to talk to a real person who can help you and give you the info you need. Best of all, you’ll be speaking with an SEO expert who can look at your code and tell you exactly how to fix your issue.

live chat feature

Live chat feature lets you talk to a real person and get answers to your SEO questions

Check your Mobile Friendliness

Does your site work on mobile devices? Mobile friendliness is an important ranking factor. More and more people are shopping on their phones these days, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.  Google tends to bury websites in search results who are not mobile friendly. Use SEO Get Clicked to check and see if your products are displaying properly on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads. 

Check Your Page Speed

Is your website fast or slow?  Your page speed is an important ranking factor. Google doesn’t like when a website takes a long time to load because it’s a bad user experience. Plus, websites that are slow tend to not get shown in search results. Use SEO Get Clicked to see if your page speed is too slow and if needs to be fixed.


SEO Video Tutorials

Don’t know where to being? No problem. Our video tutorials are made specifically for beginners just starting out with SEO. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started. If you have any self doubts or think SEO is too complicated, our videos will inspire you to do your SEO all on your own.

seo video tutorials shopify

Just a beginner? Start learning how to do your SEO with our Video Training library

Shopify SEO Guide

Get a better understanding of how the SEO process works by reading and watching our Shopify SEO Guide. Our Shopify SEO Guide is made up of 3 sections. We’ll explain how search engines work, how ranking on Google works, and how to track your progress.


SEO Help Articles

Not sure what the difference is between product title or page title? Don’t worry, we have an article that explains that! Our dedicated library of help articles covers every question you might have about SEO and more.

adolab shopify seo blog articles

So many good articles just waiting to be read! Our SEO help articles will guide you on how to rank higher

Award Winning! 🏆

Our app has won two awards so far from Shopify.

We are happy to say our app has been awarded “Shopify Top Staff Pick” and “New & Noteworthy.”

How Are You Different Than Other SEO Apps?

We actually care about you. Our focus is to deliver A+++ customer service (but more on this later).

Nate & I make sure that our structured data code is 100% correct and free from errors. This means by installing our app, you can become eligible for rich snippets. On the other hand, sometimes other Shopify SEO apps can contain structured data errors which prevents Google from awarding your site with rich snippets.

Our app contains perfect meta tag information which send Google the correct information to display in search results. We’ve noticed incorrect meta tags on other Shopify SEO apps which confuses Google. This mistake can prevent your website from being shown in search results and can lower your rank.

Lastly, we work on this app 7 days a week and are constantly rolling out new improvements and features.

Customer Service That Will Blow Your Mind!

Our customers are blown away with how much attention they get when they need help. We answer each and every email that comes through with thoughtful responses within 24 hours or less.

Here at Adolab, we’re a husband wife team. This means you’re talking to real people who care. We are both SEO experts and programmers, which is a very powerful combination. Become a customer, ask a question and we guarantee you’ll become a customer for life. Think of us as your personal SEO gurus and main point of contact. So if you ever get stuck you always have someone to ask a question to.

Who is This Product For?

SEO Get Clicked is developed for Shopify store owners who need to improve their SEO. Our app is beginner friendly and walks you through the entire process of getting started. Use our app to learn where you can improve your product pages. Our automatic structured data helps boost your website’s SEO without having to do anything! It’s well suited for shop owners who want to do more advanced SEO optimizations like tracking keywords or doing competitor analysis. Our app is the perfect solution for any Shopify store who needs to increase their traffic and start seeing results. Meet some of our customers. 

Our Customers ❤️ Love Us! 


This app has saved me so much time! I was trying to research all the areas of SEO but this app is like a signpost pointing me in the right direction! The directions are very clear and concise and immediately impactful. The customer service is really top notch, you cannot go wrong here. – Pamona Purdy Jewelry


SEO Get Clicked! is a fantastic tool created and run by fantastic people. The app helped me identify key problems with my site’s SEO and made it easy to fix the issues. On top of that, the support is second to none. I’ve spent over an hour talking to Adriana since downloading the app and she has gone above and beyond to help me find the best possible ways to improve my site’s searching rankings. Highly recommend! – Voke


Simply outstanding experience and progresses. The app methodology and organization of tools, tasks and support material makes everything simple, straightforward and (the aspect I enjoyed the most) elevates immediately your knowledge, pushing also to try to fix yourself complex technical matters (as coding). The support is fantastic, solid and professional. The people involved (for instance Adriana) have clearly a passion to find solutions to problems. 5 stars. – Kairen Beachwear

#1 Trusted SEO App

  • Over 100k tracked keywords
  • Thousands of Shopify stores trust us
  • 255+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Five Star Ratings
  • 92% customer satisfaction


“There may be quite a large amount of people on Shopify who have never built a site. This is your most important app to increase your sales because it drives rank on Google. It also provides rich snippets, which took one of my sites to nothing at one point to 250k visits a year over a 5 year growth period. Basically, you need this app for your store over any other app on here. Support is probably the best I have run into with any app on here as well. The owner is so responsive and took a major amount of time talking with me about things. Hope this review helps because I do not usually write these, but people need to understand the importance of this particular app.” -LandZero


Is This SEO App Good For Beginners?

Yes! Our app offers beginner SEO tutorials plus helpful videos to get you started. Most importantly, when you make changes on our app, we’ll automatically update your code so you don’t need to do anything technical.

Is Your App Worth The Cost?

You betcha! We help you look better on search results and show you how to rank higher with Google, that’s priceless. Our $20 monthly fee gives you access to all of our SEO tools plus VIP customer service. We pride ourselves on building the highest quality app (Made in California) and are always launching new features.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

This depends but usually ranges from 3-12 weeks minimum. Get Clicked is a long-term solution for all of your SEO needs. Real SEO takes time and Google is slow to make changes to your ranking. No SEO app can magically change your rank overnight. Increasing your rank takes a lot of hard work and patience. We understand this, so we help you improve your SEO the legit way with proven tactics that actually work over time.

Can You Automate My Optimizations?

We automate your structured data for you. This is a 100% hands off feature. There are some cases when we show you backend code that is causing a problem (like H1 tags) and his type of issue requires custom development in order to fix. We provide help articles that tell you how you can fix these issues using a professional.

Do you offer advanced features?

Yes! We offer a keyword tracking tool that lets you see your current keyword position. In addition, it enables you compare your results against your competitors. Also our structured data offers advanced options for inventory tracking.

Highest Rated SEO App on Shopify

SEO Get Clicked is the highest rated SEO apps on the Shopify app store.

In conclusion, SEO Get Clicked is the best Shopify app for SEO because we believe in making a product you love. We take our jobs seriously, and want to make sure that our app is the highest quality possible.

Thank you for considering our app! We hope that you’ll give SEO Get Clicked a chance and try out our 7 day free trial.


Nate & Adriana

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