Adolab integrates with many different platforms and ecommerce apps. Below is an overview of our current offerings with an in-depth explanation of how each one works to benefit your site. We are constantly adding new integrations on a regular basis so make sure to check back here for updates. If you’d like to see an integration for one of our app (that’s not already listed here) feel free to send us email.

Integrate with Adolab

Shopify’s Product Reviews – The official product review app for all Shopify stores. – Helps you collect product reviews through in-email forms and surveys.

Loox Ultimate photo review app to generate more sales and displays a beautiful photo gallery of image reviews.

YOTPOAllows shoppers to review products, pages, photos and Q&As with incentivized coupons and on-page widget.

EggViews – Easily generate customer reviews with automated requests and showcase them on your site to boost revenue.

KudoBuzz – Showcase your best testimonials and reviews directly on your product page.– Display your best customer product reviews on your website and push to social media channels

Google The King of search engines responsible for determining the rank of every website in the world.

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