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Get Clicked! SEO

 Drive traffic to your Shopify store & show up on Google – complete product optimizer.


Get Clicked! SEO helps Shopify stores drive 3x visitors by helping merchants scan & fix their SEO issues. Automatically helps you rank higher & displays your customer reviews on Google search results.
Increases Visibility on Google

Get noticed on Google search results by showcasing your customer reviews.

Easily Scan & Fix SEO Issues

Scan your product pages easily to see your SEO issues & quickly fix them.

Get more shoppers to visit your website

Learn how to rank for things people are searching for on Google that they want to buy online & get organic traffic.

Easy SEO Beginner Tools

We help you fix broken links on your site so you can maintain a healthy SEO status with Google. We make it easy to do your SEO without a headache.

Disable Right Click Defender

Instantly protects your website content from people trying to steal images & text
disable right click shopify app by ongoing

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Right Click Defender works instantly to protect your website from copycats. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on photos just to have them stolen from you by people right clicking on photos or taking your blogs, our app prevents all of that.
Prevents theft of website images

Instant protection for your images so people can’t right click on them and save them.  No set up required. Super easy one click install!

Prevents theft of website text

Instant protection for your copy writing so people can’t copy your awesome writing & pass it off as their own. Keeps copycats away.

Blocks spam emails

Disable Right Click Defender also prevents spam attacks on your website to protect you from malicious people trying to hack your site.

24/7 anti-spy security

We watch and protect your website’s content all day and all night while you work and sleep, to give you peace of mind.

SEO Sitemap Builder

Instantly creates a Table of Contents sort of page for easy access to all pages on site



SEO Sitemap Builder creates an instant HTML sitemap for your Shopify store in just 1 second. This means customers can easily see all of your products listed on a single page for an easy directory of all of your site’s pages. Plus, a sitemap is an SEO Google Ranker booster.
Creates an instant Sitemap

Shopify gives you an XML sitemap but they don’t give you an HTML sitemap with your store, so our app makes one for you.

A sitemap boosts SEO

Google ranking factors consider an HTML sitemap a part of their overall ranking algorithm, so a sitemap helps SEO!

Shoppers find products easier

Having all products and collections listed in an easy to view sitemap helps customers find what they’re looking for so they don’t leave.

Rank higher with Google

If people find what they want on your sitemap and your website has a low bounce rate, Google can show your products in search results more often.

Sales Climb Sticky Add to Cart

Increase sales with a sticky bar at the top of your website with buy now button



Sales Climb Sticky Add to Cart is the best Shopify app for increasing sales. The little bar stays at the top of the page when the shopper scrolls down the page so that they’ll always see the Buy Now button on the product page which adds it to their cart.
Increase your sales

The sticky add to cart button is great for any Shopify store looking for an easy way to make their product pages better and more optimized for sales.

Shoppers can easily checkout

Sales Climb Sticky Add to Cart button really does help encourage customers to just add the product to their cart, getting you closer to a sale!

Instant results

You don’t have to do anything to get the app to work, it instantly puts a sticky bar on your website so you can get started right away with improving your product page.

Watch your numbers grow!

The Sales Climb app is for any Shopify store looking to grow their sales. Our app gives your site a smart and modern look that works with every Shopify theme.



“We have tested different apps for creating sitemaps. But this app is the best app for creating sitemap. We are very satisfied!!! Super!

– Deubl




 “I have definitely noticed we have climbed the list on Google. This app taught me things I had no idea about and I am really happy I installed it. It is worth the money. Customer service is above & beyond! Highly recommend!”

– Stoned Hilda

Get Clicked! SEO app


“I love this app! I can easily add relevant keywords to all my pages, products, and blog posts. Now I have the tools to get ranked on Google!”

– Birth Song Botanical

Get Clicked! SEO app




“I really love this app! The customer support is 100% AMAZING and highly recommend them. 🙂 If you’re considering getting this…don’t hesitate. Worked immediately after installing. Thank you so much and I love this app!”

– Glitter Lambs

Right Click Defender

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