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Generate Sitemaps for Shopify

Shopify Sitemap Builder

  • Strengthens your SEO ranking by creating a high-quality HTML sitemap (show up for Google & other search engines)
  • Help shoppers find EVERYTHING on your site! ( Products, articles, blogs, collections, and pages) *Automatically updates daily!
  • Reduces the amount of time customers spend searching for a product & helps to increase sales!

Right out of the box, we try our best to generate a sitemap that matches the look and feel of your existing Shopify store.

Our sitemap will automatically use your default fonts and the existing colors of your website. We create a pretty sitemap that is easy to read and matches your store's brand


  • Instantly generates your very own sitemap in minutes
  • Daily updates ensure your sitemap is always up-to-date! It pulls in new products and other shop content regularly.
  • Customers can view every product, blog article, and collection Matches the look & feel of your existing store! No design necessary.
  • Customize the look of your sitemap with extra design options (change your title, and description, or change the appearance)
  • Helps you increase your SEO ranking! The sitemap is accessible by google crawlers which are responsible for “indexing” websites.
  • Advanced feature allows pros to enter HTML & CSS for added customization (not required)
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