Get Clicked SEO Latest Changes

Our goal at Adolab is to make Get Clicked SEO the best way to optimize your stores search engine presence. We understand how difficult SEO can be and we are continuously working on improving our app.

We want you to know that we are right here with you the whole time and are working on it every single day to make it better.

If you have any suggestions feel free to email us at and we would be happy to consider them.

Latest Changes

March, 2019

  • Improved keyword detection on the on page content for all item types. (Products, Pages, Collections, Blogs,  Articles).
  • Fixed typos on the item optimization screen.
  • Revised the feedback on scanner issues related to H1 tag warnings. It is now more clear what the user needs to do to resolve issues related to keywords in the H1 tags.
  • Disabled the item description length counter due to a bug on Shopifys end related to the way that descriptions are saved.
  • Added a section for Google my Business to the company screen.
  • Added a section for Bing Places for Business to the company screen.
  • Allow the shop to specify their companies industry. This will allow Google and Bing to display the shop in even more relevant search results based on user intentions.
  • Allow the user to specify which Shopify product review system they are using. This will allow our app to provide Google with better structured data and in turn, better rich snippets for the store.
  • Allow the user to scan their Pages for SEO issues.
  • Users can now edit the title of all of their Pages, Collections, Articles, and Blogs. Previously this was only available for Products. This will allow a “one-stop” type of experience so that the user does not need to leave the app to edit aspects of their item’s SEO.
  • Support keyword suggestions in languages other than English.
  • [Bugfix] Item quick scanner was not loading for certain users.
  • Automatically scan a single item for issues so that the user can see what issues were found with their item.
  • [Bugfix] Quick scanning for a single item or a multiple list of items that weren’t products was causing the issue scanner to not working properly.
  • Added in quick tips that should help make choosing a good keyword a little clearer.

February, 2019

  • Added a new section that will allow the user to scan any item for Structured Data related issues.
  • Added a new section that will allow the user to scan any item for Mobile Friendliness related issues.
  • Added a new section that will allow the user to scan any item for Page Speed related issues.
  • Keyword detection in the item description is now compatible with languages that do not use the Arabic Alphabet.
  • When the scanner tool runs, the latest version of the item description is used. This is helpful for users who are editing their descriptions in the native Shopify editor.
  • [Bugfix] For some users, the collection meta title and meta description were not saving properly.
  • Added an email onboarding system for new users to get started quickly with Get Clicked.
  • Made the Get Clicked development roadmap available to the public.
  • Made the SEO optimization page use a single button. Previously for each section the user needed to save each section individually (product images, keyword, meta title / meta description etc…)
  • Added a feedback indicator bar for the user when selecting the keyword