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Image Protection

If you are worried about people stealing your photos, Disable Right Click Defender can help prevent this! Instantly protects the images on your Shopify store by preventing the right click action. Reduce the risk of people copying your photos & text with our 1-click install app.

Text Protection

Protects all the text on your website from being stolen. This is the best Shopify app for safe guarding your product descriptions & blog posts from plagiarists who want to steal your writing. Protects your brand by blocking thieves from stealing your copy-writing.

Blocks Spammers

The Disable Right Click Defender app blocks spammers from pasting into forms. This reduces the number of spam emails. This is helpful for reducing the amount of cyber attacks on your Shopify store & protects your website from harmful & malicious attacks.

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Disable Right Click Defender is the best Shopify app for image protection


Lightening Fast + Instant Results!

Disable Right Click Defender is your ultimate solution for safeguarding your website’s valuable images!
With our cutting-edge technology, we provide comprehensive protection, ensuring that your images remain secure and inaccessible to those with malicious intent.
Say goodbye to the constant worry of image theft plaguing the online world. Our app acts as an impenetrable fortress, shielding your visual content from unauthorized usage, saving you time, effort, and potential revenue losses.

Unparalleled Image Protection

Our advanced technology forms an impenetrable barrier against image theft attempts. You can rest easy knowing that your images are shielded from unauthorized downloads or copying, preserving your brand’s identity and integrity

Product Features

Secure your Shopify store like never before – safeguarding your images and text with our powerful app, ensuring unrivaled protection for your valuable content.

Secure your Shopify store like never before – safeguarding your images and text with our powerful app, ensuring unrivaled protection for your valuable content.

Enhanced Website Security

By implementing our app, you fortify your website’s overall security. Unauthorized image usage can be a gateway for potential cyber threats, but our technology ensures that only genuine visitors have access to your visual assets.

Preserve Your Originality

Your images are unique creations that contribute to your brand’s distinctiveness. Our app guarantees that your visual content remains exclusive to your website, preventing competitors or other individuals from diluting your brand’s originality.

Safeguard Your Investment

Creating high-quality images requires significant resources, both in terms of time and money. Our app helps you protect your investment by deterring image theft, ensuring that your hard work remains yours and yours alone.

Maintain Professionalism

A website with stolen images can damage your reputation and professionalism. With our app, you can project a strong image of trustworthiness, reinforcing your credibility and attracting potential customers.

User-Friendly Implementation

We understand that simplicity is key. Our app seamlessly integrates into your existing website, with an intuitive interface that requires no technical expertise. You can enjoy the benefits of image protection hassle-free!

Peace of Mind

Don’t let image theft undermine your online presence and hard work. Take charge of your visual assets and empower your website with our app’s unbeatable image protection technology. Join the countless satisfied customers who have already secured their images and experienced the peace of mind that comes with our reliable solution. Protect your images, protect your brand!

Our App Works 24/7

Rest easy knowing that your hard work and investments are secure, allowing you to focus on growing your Shopify store without worrying about image theft.

Preserves Brand Integrity

Maintain your brand’s uniqueness and professionalism by preventing unauthorized usage of your visual assets. Keep your authenticity.

All in 1 Solution

We’ve got the ultimate solution to keep your visual assets locked up tight. Safeguard your valuable images with unrivaled security, ensuring they remain exclusive to your Shopify store.


Unbreakable Image  Protection

Elevate your Shopify store’s defense to new heights with our image protection app. Disable Right Click Defender is your solution for shielding your visual assets effortlessly. Preventing unauthorized image usage, our app preserves your brand’s uniqueness and maintains a professional online presence. Gain peace of mind knowing that your hard work and investments are secure. Embrace the power of image protection & say goodbye to sneaky image thieves trying to mess with your brand’s mojo.

Merchants Love Us! 


“I really love this app! The customer support is 100% AMAZING and highly recommend them. 🙂 If you’re considering getting this…don’t hesitate. Worked immediately after installing. Thank you so much and I love this app!”

-Glitter Lambs


“It’s a great app to disable right clicks on the website. The support team is also very helpful and quick to respond to questions.”



“Always nice to have a bit more secure site that isn’t that easy to copy.” -Reedawn


“I installed the app in order to protect my photos and text from being copied. I have tried the 5 days free trial and I will gladly keep the app installed. It is user friendly and I now feel safe to upload my work and not fear to have my work copied or stolen. Very affordable too!”

-Les idées de Marie

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Disable Right Click Defender is the best Shopify app for protecting your store’s images and text.

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