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How do I Submit my XML Sitemap to Google Search Console?

Step 1. Submit your site to Google Search Console

From the Google Search Console Dashboard click on the Add a Property on the top right of the screen.

When the Add a Property pop up appears enter the full address to your shop (including the https://part).

This could look something like not like


Step 2. Verify your site

Google needs to make sure that you are the owner of the site you are submitting.

There are a few ways to do this, the quickest way is if you have Google Analytics already on your shop.

If you have Google Analytics on your shop then you can click on the Alternate Methods tab.

Now select the Google Analytics option and click on the Verify button.

If you do not have Google Analytics installed, you can still verify you site in a variety of ways. Google has a guide for verifying your site with Google Search Console.

Take a look at the guide for more information on the verification process.


Step 3. Add your Sitemap

From your search console, on the Sitemaps section, click on the gray bar that says No Sitemaps.

Now on the new page click on the button on the top right of your screen that says Add/Test Sitemap.

On the popup that appears, after your site name enter sitemap.xml and click on the submit button.

If a link appears saying to refresh the page, then click on it.

Now your sitemap should display and it should say “Pending”.

xml sitemap google submission

You’re All Done!

Your XML sitemap is now submitted to Google!

As you continue to add products to your shop and other types of content your XML sitemap will update automatically.

Your XML sitemap will update automatically and will keep Google informed of any changes.

Important Note:

Make sure that you’re submitting your XML sitemap URL, and not your HTML sitemap URL.

If you accidentally submit your HTML sitemap URL to Google Search Console, you’ll get an error.

Your XML sitemap is your website URL plus “/sitemap.xml” at the end.

✅ Correct Example:

🚩 Wrong Example:


Additional Resources:

There are two types of sitemaps. XML sitemap is for search engines. HTML sitemap is for people.  An HTML sitemap is a directory of all your products on your site and helps increase your Google rank.

Now that you know how to submit your website’s XML sitemap to Google,  check out our help articles on HTML sitemaps. Your website automatically comes with an XML sitemap but not an HTML sitemap. Adding one to your site is a great way to increase your SEO!

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