Does your website show up in Google when you type in your company’s name? Ranking for your brand name is important for getting organic traffic to your online store and building trust with shoppers.

If customers search for your company, they should be able to find you quickly and easily on the 1st page of results.

I wrote this tutorial because I think it will help a lot of shop owners figure out how to start ranking for their website’s name. I’ve outlined the exact steps we’ve taken to rank as the #1 result for our company’s brand name: ADOLAB.

In fact, we didn’t have it easy in the beginning. We were competing again websites in other countries with the same exact company name! In the end, Google awarded our site with the 1st place on search results because our SEO was much better.

I’ll show you step by step how to make your website show up on Google with proven strategies that really work. I’ll outline everything you need to do to become the first result on Google search results. 

If you want to learn how to start ranking for your brand name, keep reading this tutorial!

ranking for your brand name

Here is an example of our company ADOLAB ranking as the first result on Google

Why can’t I rank for my brand name?

There are a billion websites out there and you’re competing with all them. Your job is to prove to Google that you are the best website out there and that they should show you first. Your brand name is essentially a keyword.

A keyword is a search phrase or term that people search for in Google when they want to find more information or buy something.

Super Quick Survey

Take a moment to answer the following ten questions about your website.

  • Do you have competitors with the same or similar name?
  • Does your brand name match your domain name?
  • Do you have a Google My Business Account?
  • Are your social media accounts linked up to your website?
  • How competitive is the keyword?
  • How competitive is the total market?
  • Do you have complete & correct structured data (JSON-ld code)?
  • How good is your current SEO?
  • Do you have an “About Us” Page?
  • Do you blog about your company?

Real Life Example

Let’s say Jane has an online store called

Jane’s brand name is Best Puppy Clothes, which means she is trying to rank for the keyword “best puppy clothes.”

Here’s how Jane scored on these questions:

  • Jane did a quick check and her brand name is definitely unique so she’s in the clear😃✅
  • She luckily choose a brand name that exactly matches her domain name😃✅
  • Yes, she already created a Google My Business account😃✅
  • Jane doesn’t have any social media accounts yet 😳🚩
  • “Best puppy clothes” is highly competitive so hard to rank for 😳🚩
  • Clothing and accessories for puppies is a huge trending market (also highly competitive)😳🚩
  • Yup, she installed a Shopify app called SEO Get Clicked so she has correct structured data 😃✅
  • Her Shopify store just launched so her Google rank is fairly weak😳🚩
  • Jane doesn’t have an About Us page that mentions her company name😳🚩
  • Jane doesn’t have a blog on her store yet 😳🚩

It looks like Jane has a lot of room to for improvement.

6 Way to Rank for your Brand Name

Ranking for your brand name takes time, a lot of hard work and patience. Here are five different ways to start getting shown in search results when you type in your company name.

#1 Make sure your Brand Name is Unique

Having a unique company name is one of the most important factors. Make sure you do some Google a couple of your ideas) before committing to one. This quick one minute research could save you some pain later on.

You wouldn’t want to create a brand name that is similar to another website which will make it much harder for you to rank.

For example, let’s suppose that Jane’s company has an existing competitor named (then her brand name choice of might not be the best idea after all ).

#2 Create a Google My Business Account

If you have a physical location, it’s a good idea to create a free account with Google My Business. Google My Business helps with local SEO and can also help your company to start showing up in search results.

The point of Google My Business is to tell Google what type of business you are, where you are located, and your hours of operation.

You can even set up promotions or special offers that you can update regularly. If you’re SEO is good enough, Google can also choose to award you with a knowledge graph.

#3 Link up your social media accounts

Yes, having a social media presence is one of the 200 ranking factors with Google.

If you’re not already on Social media, make sure to claim your handles. In our example Jane would grab the handles @bestpuppyclothes on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

If your brand name isn’t available try to get something close. Even if you don’t think you’ll create a Youtube channel in the future, it’s better to reserve the name so you can have the option later.

Next, make sure you link these accounts to your company. Make sure your social media fav icons on your website are linked up to your actual social media accounts. This will help Google associate your company with these accounts.

#4 Get Complete Structured Data (JSON-ld code)

Structured data (aka: JSON-ld, or schema markup ) is extra code created for your website that helps increase your SEO. Structured data helps Google better understand the type of products you are selling.

It encourages Google to display you in search results more often and to award you with “rich snippets” which are better looking search results.

In addition, getting complete structured data for your Shopify store can help Google understand more about your company such as your Brand name, domain address (company URL), address, phone number, industry, and even your logo.

By having access to this information, Google can connect the dots between your website and your company name, thus helping you get one step closer to rank for your brand name.

To get automatic structured data for your Shopify store, install the app SEO Get Clicked.

#5 Create an “About Us”

If you are not sure how to make your website show up on Google, you should consider writing an “About Us” page on your website.

An “About us” page is your place tell the world about how great your company is.

Make sure to include your company’s brand name 2x. In our example, Jane would include her brand name “Best Puppy Clothes” two times in the body text. Just make sure not to include your brand name too many times as this looks like “keyword stuffing.”

Use this opportunity to describe what your company specializes in and why you’re the best store to buy from. You can also include your story of how you got started and why you are so passionate about XYZ.

#6 Blog about your Company

If you don’t already have a blog, I recommend starting one today. Having a blog is the one of the best ways to increase your SEO. Google loves to see when a website is active and contributing unique content.

The general rule is 10k words per month, do this and you will reap the benefits in a year or two from now. You should be blogging about your company as well as any new product releases or special announcements.

By blogging about your company and using your brand name in your articles, you are helping to create a discussion about your company.

Hack: How to make your website show up on Google

Do you have images of your company on your website?

This could be a photo of your team or a product you specialize in.

I recommend making sure your Image ALT Text is filled in with your company name at least 1x on your “About Us” page or “Our Story” page.

This helps Google associate your company’s brand name with your company’s domain URL.

One other benefit is you can also start to rank in Google Images for your company name which is pretty neat.

SEO Get Clicked offers a tool that helps you find all missing Image ALT text on your website.


I hope you have a better understanding of how to how to make your website show up on Google.

Search engines are going to be looking at a lot of different factors so I recommend doing all the above recommendations.

Just remember that ranking for your brand name is not automatic or even a quick process.

It’s something that Google awards you for doing a good job! In other words, you don’t get to rank for your brand name by default…so you’ll have to work for it.

But don’t worry, if you follow the steps in this article you will be on your way. If you have any questions for us, feel free to email us anytime at Adolab and we’ll make sure to get back to you soon.

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