SEO Scanner Tool: Your Keyword is Missing

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Your keyword wasn’t found. Please select a keyword.

What does this mean?

This means that you haven’t assigned a keyword yet that you want to target.

A keyword describes specifically what you’re selling. 

 A keyword is a search term or phrase or term that you want to rank for on  Google search results.  

Think about what someone would type into Google to find a product like yours. 

For example, my keyword might be “blue cotton dog collar.”

How can you fix this?

Assign a keyword to your page. 

Remember this is just for your reference, so you can know what keyword you want to target and rank for. 

Usually a good long tail keyword is 3-6 words in length. 

Make sure not to include commas as this confuses our app and it won’t work properly. Remember you aren’t trying to list many keywords, only a single keyword you want to target.

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