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In this short guide we’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our app Get Clicked SEO.

If there is something you would like to know that you can’t find the answer to below, please feel free to send us an email.

Here at Adolab, we are always available to help you out and to answer any questions that you might have.

What is Get Clicked! SEO?

Get Clicked! SEO is a professional-level SEO app that allows you to instantly inject structured data into your entire Shopify store.

Our goal is to grow it over time into the best SEO app on the Shopify marketplace.

How does it work?

Our app writes a type of code called JSON-LD that feeds information to Google about your products, collections, blogs, and articles.

Having JSON-LD on your store is the one SEO technique that will have the most impact on your stores SEO.

This JSON-LD code enables Google and other search engines to show rich snippets for your products and your company in search results.

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are attractive descriptions displayed in search results.They can contain extra information such as a star rating, reviews, and product details.

Rich snippets are more attention grabbing than regular search results because they are bigger in size and more colorful.

Rich snippets contain a lot more information than ordinary results so they are more attractive to potential customers.

Since rich snippets stand out, they tend to get clicked on more often then ordinary search results.

How does Get Clicked! SEO benefit my shop?

#1 Improves SEO

Structured data is one of the most effective ways to increase your presence on the internet.

Structured data (such as JSON-ld) is a great strategy for improving search engine optimization (SEO). It also helps to drive traffic, increase sales, and enhance your product listings in search results.

The best thing about having structured data for your store is it works great even if you have a lower ranking than your competitors.

Since your product listings will stand out, this convinces potential customers to click on your product listing instead of your competitors.

Overtime, Google will notice that your store is getting more clicks than other stores.

Google can then choose to boost your search engine ranking which increases your overall SEO.

#2 Improves Traffic

Structured data enables Google to display rich snippets for your product pages which can drive more traffic to your Shopify store. Here’s how…

By enhancing your product pages, you’re search result listings will be more clickable because they’ll stand out.

Having rich snippets will naturally improve your overall traffic by encouraging people to click on your store.

#3 Drives sales

Generate sales by getting more eyeballs on your product pages.

By having JSON-LD code written into each and every product page, you are enabling Google to create rich snippets for each of your listings.

Displaying extra information allows customers to see more details about the product before they even visit your product page.

If they were interested in buying a t-shirt and they can see that it is highly rated, available in their size, and the price is right, they might be ready to buy that shirt as soon as they click on it.

How do I verify that it’s actually working?

On our dashboard, we have a nifty Validation tool that you can use to view your structured data.

Simply click on ‘Validate’ next to a product, collection, or blog and it will take you to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

This tool that was created by Google will detect all of structured data items throughout your store. These are the same structured data items that Google sees when they crawl your site.

How long does it take for rich snippets to appear in Google Search results?

It typically takes a couple weeks for rich snippets to appear in the google search results pages (SERPS), but it can take as long as six months.

Google decides when to crawl your site (unfortunately, we do not have any control over when they choose to do this).

Once Google decides to crawl your site, it will try it’s best to gather extra information from the JSON-ld markup (structured data) that we created for your site.

Google can then go ahead and create rich snippets which will enhance your product listings in search results.

What is

In conjunction with Google, sets the standards for how structured data is formatted. This formatting style is called “schema markup.”

We follow the latest guidelines and best practices set forth by

This ensures that the structured data we created for your store is up-to-date with the requirements set fourth by Google and all other search engines.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is the markup (code language) that helps to categorize all of the data on your store. It is designed for search engines to read it, not humans.

When search engines see this markup code, they will instantly understand exactly what they are looking at.

Search engines use this information to create human-friendly search results that are pleasing to the eye.

What is structured data?

Google defines structured data as “the standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.”

Structured data is useful for gathering extra information about a product page or services.

It categorizes elements within the data so that it is clearly defined and easier for Google to enhance your product listing in search results.

If you have a site selling t-shirts, the structured data enables Google to display an enhanced product listing which could show availability, reviews, colors to choose from and so on.

Can’t I just get the structured data & then leave your app?

Sorry, but the answer is no.

When you install our app, we instantly create personalized structured data that is unique for your Shopify store.

If the app is uninstalled at any time, you’ll lose this structured data along with the SEO benefits that come with it.

By using our app, you will receive constant updates to your structured data as Google changes their rules and formatting.

How do I install Get Clicked SEO?

Just click the “Get” button at the top of the app page.

Next you’ll need to add one line of code to your theme, and the app will automatically create the structured data for your entire store.

This is a completely hands-off app that works entirely in the background.

How do I uninstall the app?

Here are the instructions for removing Get Clicked! SEO

Need Help?

If you have a question or need any help, we are always here to assist you. Please contact our customer support, we promise to get back to you shortly.

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