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Uninstall Get Clicked SEO Instructions

If you no longer want our app on your Shopify store, we have included instructions below for how to uninstall Get Clicked SEO.  We hope you enjoyed using the app, and we’re sorry to see you go!

To remove the app from you Shopify store, please follow the following instructions. 

Uninstall Get Clicked SEO Instructions

  1. From your apps overview page inside of your Admin panel, click on the trash button next to Get Clicked! SEOuninstall get clicked seoNote: This will instantly remove our app from your Shopify store and block our app from accessing your store. Feel free to leave us some feedback on why you choose to uninstall our app, this really helps us improve our app!app feedback
  2. From your Themes page (under current theme), click on ‘Download theme filedownload theme file
  3. After you’ve received an email backup of your current theme, click on the ‘Actions‘ button and select ‘Edit Codeedit code
  4. On your current theme (under the Layout section), click on your ‘theme.liquid‘ file. Before the </body> tag, delete the following code snippet {% include ‘adolab-get-clicked-seo’ %}  get-clicked-seo-uninstall-remove-code
  5. Click ‘Save‘ at the top of the page to save the changes you made to your theme.liquid file
  6. Next, we need to remove the accompanying code snippet. Under the Snippets section (on your current theme), click on the ‘adolab-get-clicked-seo.liquid‘ file and hit the “Delete” button. Click “Confirm” when the confirmation dialog appears. That’s all!

Get Clicked SEO Uninstall Delete Snippet File


Have You Switched Between Themes?

If you change between themes, we will automatically update the new theme.

However, the previous theme will still contain our code.

If you switch back to your previous theme, you will need to follow the uninstall instructions above for that theme.


We hope these instructions answered any questions you might have about how to remove our app from you Shopify store.

These instructions for removing Get Clicked! SEO will work even if you had your theme customized after installing our app.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve, please feel free to send us a quick email. We strive to make the best SEO app for the Shopify app store and your feedback can really help us improve our app.

Thank you so much for trying out Get Clicked! SEO.

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