Google is the absolute authority when it comes to a website’s ranking and overall quality score. They determine if your website gets shown on the first page of search results or the 1000th. What Google is looking for is quality, unique content, and the ability to deliver useful information that searches are looking for.

SEO Get Clicked Integrates with Google

Yes, SEO Get Clicked Integrates with Google. Our “Keyword Suggestion” tool allows you to find the right keywords to use for your products and optimize them so you get discovered. Our “Keyword Rank Tracker” tools helps you track your keywords so you can know your position on search results. We even offer competitor analysis which will analyze your same tracked keywords but for a competitor website. Our app also offers a “Trends” tool checks your keywords for trends on the internet which can help you determine whether or not to pursue a keyword choice. Lastly, we integrate with Google Merchant Center. We create structured data for all of your products so that shoppers will see correct information about your inventory on advertisements.

Key Features

  • Receives real time searches for a keyword and shows keyword suggestions on SEO Get Clicked
  • Provides Google with structured data for customer product reviews. This enables them to create “rich snippets” for your product listings. Rich snippets display star ratings, pricing and availability on search results.
  • Ability to test out a keyword for how well it trends on the search engines (directly in our SEO Get Clicked app)
  • Receives your keyword position and displays your keyword ranking info on our Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Receive new product data, automatically creates structured data and provides it to Google Merchant Center

Photo Gallery

keyword suggestion tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool available for all Shopify stores through SEO Get Clicked

google trends tool

Automatically check the trends of your keywords to see if they are worth going after

keyword ranking report get clicked seo shopify

Keyword Ranking on Get Clicked SEO helps you keep track of the keywords your ranking for along with your competitors

google merchant structured data

We create structured data so they can display the correct information about your products

google merchant center

SEO Get Clicked helps your inventory stay up to date so you can create ads

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