If you’re wondering if you’re Shopify product title is the right length, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will explain how to write a fully optimized Shopify product title that will get you ranking higher.

Is My Product Title Too short?

I often get asked this question “Is my product title too short?” The answer is most likely “Yes.”

On our SEO Get Clicked app, we offer a product title character counter so you can keep track of how long it is.

The optimal length for your product title is between 20-70 characters.

On the other hand, you don’t want to make your product titles too long because it looks spammy. It’s like Goldilocks and three Bears, You want a product title that is “just right.”

So how do you do that?

⭐️If you are new to creating product titles, I recommend reading our guide “On Page SEO: Creating the Perfect Product Title

Why Does the Product Title Length Matter?

Your product title can help you rank.

If your product title is too short, you’re going to have a difficult time be ranking (being shown in search results).

The reason it’s not a good idea to have a short product title is because it doesn’t say much to Google. Your product name tells Google all about your product. Your goal is to get them to show you in search results.

You’ll want to make sure that you are following all the best practices for creating an awesome Shopify product title.

  • Make it long enough so it contains a decent amount of info
  • This includes making your product title extra descriptive and specific
  • A short Shopify product title is usually too broad
  • Broad terms are very general, and they make it harder for Google to understand what you’re selling
  • Short product titles are not a good idea because they are more competitive

Is Your Keyword Too Short?

If your product title is too short, your keyword is probably too short or broad.

Broad keywords are usually 1 or 2 words in length.

Like “tshirt” or “dog tshirt”. Extremely competitive, meaning nearly impossible to rank for. Avoid high competition keywords, they are a waste of time for websites just starting out.

keyword too short competitive-shopify

If your keyword is too short, your product title will also be really short

In a world where there are 1 billion websites floating around, it’s getting harder to stand out. Imagine competing with a billion other websites for the term “dog tshirt”!?!

Your job is to rank for a keyword & get shown on search results. One way you can convey this message is by telling Google exactly what you are selling. Your product title is essentially screaming “I want to rank for this!”

So you better make it a good product title and choose your keywords carefully.

Keywords that are longer like 3+ words in length are less competitive, more specific, and more achievable to rank for.

🤓Solution: Use longer keywords and automatically your product title will be naturally longer.

How to Think Like Google

Imagine you’re standing in front of a Google robot. You have one chance to sell your product to them.

This Google robot has no eyes, and you aren’t holding your product in your hands.

Your job is to convey with words what your product is. The Google robot asks, “What’s the name of your product?”

Are you going to be a person of little words? (*cough cough…short product title) Or are you going to try your best to tell them exactly what you have for sale using descriptive language?

Chances are you’ll be really specific so this blind robot will know what you’re selling.

Example of a Shopify Product Title (Too Short)

Let’s suppose we have a Shopify store that sells meme clothing (basically apparel with funny images).

I entered a product title and was warned it’s too short.

Laughing Dog T-shirt

seo h1 title length

This product title is too short! It’s too broad and competitive.

Problem: This product title isn’t fully SEO optimized because it’s too broad. It’s not enough information for Google.

Do you know how many dog tshirts there are on the internet?  Over 6 million!

Yikes! Look at all those search results, the competition is stiff!

After-all, the t-shirt and clothing industry is one of the most competitive and saturated markets in ecommerce. We need to say more about our product so it can be clearly defined or identified.

So let’s help Google narrow down what we are selling.

Example of a Shopify Product Title (Just Right!)

Is there any way I can describe this product in more detail?

Yes! I can add some more information about the material, style, gender, etc.

By being more specific, we can try to rank for a keyword that is less competitive.

By writing a longer product title, we are also giving Google more information which gives us a chance to rank for multiple keywords.

My new product title is:

Laughing Dog T-shirt – Womens Screen Printed Meme Clothing

shopify product title

My new product title is more specific, contains details, and is more focused

This is a lot better.
✅ My Shopify Product Title is longer (20 characters or over)
✅ it contains more details about the product (now we now it’s for women, it’s screen printed, and it’s meme clothing)
✅ It uses descriptive language
✅ It contains specific details about my product. This helps Google narrow down their scope
✅ We used 57 characters. It’s ideal to write between 20-70 characters

⭐️ New to keywords? Check out our guide “Keyword Research for Beginners: 3 easy Steps!”


I hope you have a better understanding of why it’s important to write longer product titles. Product titles are a great way to get your point across to Google about what you want to rank for.

Just make sure you’re always doing a little bit of Keyword Research beforehand so you can target a search phrase that has low competition but is high on searches.

Feel free to send us an email you have any more questions about SEO or our app.

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