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SEO Scanner Tool: Your product description is too short. It’s only X words.

Your product description is too short. It’s only X words. We recommended writing at least 300 words to increase page visibility in search results

Why am I seeing this?

This means that your product description is less than the recommended 300 words. Search engines like Google may not understand what your page is about & this can hurt your ranking.

Google prefers when websites have more than 300 words for their product description because it helps them figure out what your page is about.

The more you write about your products, the more likely search engines will understand what you’re selling and can recommend them in search results.

Remember, search engines can’t see your pictures. Google should be able to know what you’re selling just by reading your text alone.

How can I fix this?

On your Shopify Admin panel, go to the product you are working on. In the “description” box, write more so that you hit at least 300 words.

Shopify doesn’t have a word counter, so keeping track can be a little tricky. We recommend you use a word counter website so you can know how many words you’ve written.

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