Error Message: Page Could Not Be Found

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Are you seeing this error message?

Your page could not be found.

What does this mean?

There are two possible reasons.

Reason #1: Do you have password protection on your website? If so, then our  app is being blocked by your password protection. Our scanner can’t work properly if your store has password protection. In addition, password protection confuses our scanner tool and so the errors it is displays could be incorrect.

Reason #2: Your webpage isn’t published. Our app only works on published pages. Remember that Goolge can’t see your unpublished pages. Similarly, our app can’t scan a page that is not visable to the  public.

How can you fix this?

Reason #1: We recommend removing the password protection from your website and re-running the scanner tool.

Reason #2: Publish your page and then re-scan it using our app. Once the page is published, our app will display any SEO errors we find.

Last Updated On October 23, 2018