EggViews is a product review app built specifically for the Shopify plaform. This app is created by the company Go Web Baby which are the creators of other Shopify apps. EggViews adds a review widget to your product pages so that customers can leave you a review and let you know their experience. This app also allows you to send emails to your customers so that you can collect their feedback and post it on your site. Another neat feature of this app is that users can upload photos of the product that they are reviewing which adds social proof and trust. Lastly, their Q&A feature allows customers to answer questions you ask about the product and this contributes to your user generated content on your site. Some other neat features include incentivized coupons, ability to reply to reviews, and sending bulk emails.

SEO Get Clicked Integrates with EggViews

Yes, SEO Get Clicked integrates fully with this app. Our app writes the structured data code necessary for Google to display these reviews in search results. In other words, our Get Clicked app takes the content of your product reviews and showcases them as star ratings which helps shoppers click on your website. These enhanced listings are known as “rich snippets” which are great for increasing traffic, and click through rate.

Key Features

  • Send customer reviews from EggViews to Get Clicked
  • Displays Star rating of customer review from EggViews on Google search results using Get Clicked schema markup
  • Sync product reviews from EggViews to Get Clicked
  • Receive new product reviews from EggViews to Get Clicked

Photo Gallery

eggviews shopify app product reviews

go web baby app company

Official website for Go Web Baby, the development company that makes this app

shopify store customer review app

Example of a Shopify store called EntuTech that uses their review system

eggviews review system

Another view of how their reviews look and how you can reply to customers

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