YOTPO offers a Shopify app which allows you to collect product reviews directly on your product pages with a Widget. They also offer advanced features such as being able to feature your customer’s content for social ads. They also display star ratings on Google ads and offer incentivized coupons. Lastly, they let you customize shop-able galleries. This app offers the ability to collect reviews through email campaigns so you can check back with customers after a purchase. They are a great option if you have no coding knowledge because it’s simple to use. The ability to collect photos and Q&As from your customers along with their reviews is a great way to generate unique content for your site.

SEO Get Clicked Integrates with YOTPO

Yes, SEO Get Clicked creates structured data for all of your customer reviews which makes it possible for Google to display these reviews on search results.  All of your customer reviews on your website can now be featured prominently on search results as “rich snippets.” Rich snippets are better looking search results that are eye catching because they contain more information like yellow stars, in-stock availability and pricing. 

Key Features

  • Send customer reviews from YOTPO to Get Clicked
  • Displays Star rating of customer review from YOTPO on Google search results using Get Clicked schema markup
  • Sync product reviews from YOTPO to Get Clicked
  • Receive new product reviews from YOTPO to Get Clicked

Photo Gallery

yotpo reviews app shopify

App listing page on the Shopify app marketplace

yotpo pricing

Image Credit: Screenshot of their official website. We claim no rights to this image.

go pro reviews system

Example of GoPro website with review system

yotpo reviews go pro example

Example of customer reviews on the GoPro website

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