In this article, I’ll explain how you can find the keywords you rank for on Google Search Console.

It’s important to know which keywords you currently rank for.

it’s also important to know which pages on your site are ranking for these terms.

Why? If you are currently ranking for a term, you want to keep optimizing that page with that keyword.

You wouldn’t wan to accidentally change that target keyword because this could mess up your organic traffic.

I am using the new Google Search Console.

Step 1: Find the keywords you rank for 

If you are using the old version, all you have to do is click on the blue button that says “Use new Google Search console”

Next, just click on “Performance” on the left hand navigation bar.

Scroll down to where it says “QUERIES” and here you’ll see the keywords that you rank for. 

They are automatically organized by clicks which is nice.

Step 2: Look at position level 

Then when you click on a keyword that you rank for, you can see the average “position” that your site has. 

Example: Let’s suppose Jenny has a jewelry site and she really wants to rank for “mermaid necklace.” Jenny is reviewing the queries section of her Google Search Console and she really wants to see the phrase “mermaid necklace” somewhere on this list. Jenny scrolls through the list of keywords and she spots “mermaid necklace.” Bingo! She then clicks on this keyword and reviews its individual performance page to see how she’s doing.

 Step 3: Look at Pages that Bring you Traffic for this keyword 

On this same individual performance page, can you click on “pages”  which will show you which pages bring you the most traffic for the term you are ranking for.

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