The best way to improve the way your Shopify store appears on Google search results is by installing rich snippets.

I’ll cover how to get your product reviews to show up automatically on Google search results by just installing a single app.

We’ll cover how you can get up and running quickly in less than a minute, and why its so important to get rich snippets for your store in the first place.

In a nut shell, if you have a Shopify store with customer reviews, you’ll need an app like Get Clicked SEO to automatically display these on search results.

By doing this, you’ll reap many SEO benefits which can drive organic traffic, increase sales, and improve your click through rate!

Okay, let’s get started.

Rich Snippets are also known by these other names below:

  • JSON-ld
  • structured data
  • schema markup

They all mean the same thing 👉🏼 how to get reviews to display on SERPS (search engine results pages). You’ll see these terms used interchangeably.

In this article we are going to cover the basics such as:

  • What are Shopify rich snippets?
  • How can I get Shopify rich snippets on my store?
  • How do Shopify rich snippets help my store?
  • How long does it take to see results?
  • How does Google decide which stores get awarded rich snippets?
  • How can I better my chances of getting rich snippets?
  • Why are my product reviews not showing up on Google?

Make sure to read until the end of the article for some extra PRO tips on how to make sure your customer reviews show up on Google search results.

How can I get Shopify rich snippets on my store?

It’s easy. Install Get Clicked SEO on your Shopify store.

This app automatically creates Rich Snippet code for your entire website, including each and every product on your store.

Get Clicked SEO is the #1 trusted app for installing Shopify rich snippets on your store.

It works with one-click, just install the app and the app will take care of the rest for you automatically in the background.

Get Clicked SEO offers VIP support to help you through the whole process, to answer any questions and help you track your progress with Google.

What are Shopify rich snippets?

A Rich Snippet is when Google displays your customer reviews on search results. These often appear with yellow stars.

shopify rich snippets google search resultsThese days Google calls reviews “votes.” So you might see “156 votes” for a product and that means 156 customers have left a product review.

Rich snippets are basically search results on steroids. They appear bigger, more colorful and with more information.

They also create confidence in the shopper because its says X amount of people gave this product a 5 star rating.

If you’re product appears to POP out in search results, guess which product they are going to click on? You guessed it, yours!

Shopify rich snippets pack a punch of  being more SEO friendly. They tempt the viewer to click on them, which can drive up your CTR (click through rate) but more on this later.

Now keep in mind you need actual customer reviews for this to work so if you don’t already have a product review app installed on your Shopify store, we recommend you do this first.

To see a list of Shopify product review apps that work automatically with our rich snippet app, click here.

How do rich snippets help my store?

There are so many benefits of having rich snippets which include helping you appear better in search results, which can leads to more sales. Not to mention the behind-the-scenes SEO benefits it can have on your store.

Here are the top benefits of Shopify rich snippets:

1.)  Rich Snippet code displays your customer reviews on search results. Your customer reviews live on your website. In order for them to get shown on search results, you need an app to handle this for you. Get Clicked SEO helps display your customer reviews on Google search results.

See below example of Swift Fly Fishing. a Shopify store appearing on Google with product reviews. They use Get Clicked SEO app for automatic rich snippet support.


shopify store install rich snippets2.) Rich Snippet code works automatically!  Every time you get a new review, or your price changes, or you edit/add/delete a product, this information gets updated by the app and is reflected on search results.

3.) Search results are 10x enhanced by displaying extra information such as review count, average customer rating,  price, in-stock availability. and those eye-catching yellow stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

4.) More information at-a-glance helps create confidence in the shopper This means a higher likelihood of the shopper checking out your site & completing a purchase.

5.) Having a better looking search result means more clicks! A higher (CTR) click-through-rate means more traffic going directly to your store. More traffic has a positive SEO domino effect. Google favors sites with higher traffic and tends to show them more often in search results.

6.) Rich Snippets can increase your traffic. If shoppers are clicking on your products because they look better in search results, this pushes up your rank (where on Google you appear). Search engines love when people find what they are looking for, this makes your site an authority in its field.

7) Helps search engines understand your product better.  Rich Snippet code Google receive the information they need about your product in a special format known as “schema markup.” This can increase your chances of being shown in search results.

schema markup shopify8.) Rich snippet code is helpful for running ads on Google. It helps feed the data Google needs about the product ( price, quantity, description, photos, reviews, etc) so that Google can display this information correctly to shoppers viewing your ads on Google Shopping.

Best of all, Get Clicked SEO app helps your product reviews get shown alongside your product in the ad.

google shopping ads shopify rich snippets9.) Products with rich snippets rank higher on Google. Get your products to the top of search results! Higher rank means greater exposure, more eyeballs, and clicks which means more sales!

shopify rich snippets rank higher10.) Rich Snippet code helps how you appear in Google Shopping. As of April 2020, you can now list your products on Google Shopping for free to help them gain exposure through the pandemic. Get Clicked SEO helps your product reviews show up on Google Shopping feed.

google shopping feed shopify rich snippets11.) Displays a “Product” Tag on Google Images. If you’re a shopper browsing images on Google, the product tag helps you know you can purchase this item and incentives the shopper to click on the image.

google images shopify rich snippets product tag12.) Eligible to show up on Google’s “Popular Products” feed This is an organic and not an add. If you use Google Merchant Center, you can submit your product info on here. Get Clicked SEO app helps power your website with “schema markup” to help you show up in this feed.

google product reviews shopify rich snippetsHow long does it take to see results?

Between 3-12 weeks.

First Google has to see the Rich Snippet code and then they can begin the process.

Once Google notices the Rich Snippet code on your site, they can start awarding you rich snippets.

Is it an on-going process?


Remember getting & maintaining rich snippets is an on-going process.

Luckily, the Get Clicked SEO app helps you 24/7 by automating the process and maintaining the code, so you don’t have to.

Rich snippets don’t get awarded to all of your products overnight. You will start out with only a couple products showing up with reviews on search results.

Usually your best selling products will get awarded first (the ones with the most reviews and traffic).

Why? Their SEO ranking is higher and so they get this special honor of looking better in search results.

How does Google decide which stores get rich snippets?

If a store has lots of errors, Google can decide to not award rich snippets to this store.

Why? If a store has lots of errors, this means their SEO is probably not that great.

When Google gives a store rich snippets, this is Google’s way of saying “this website has good SEO.”

Stores with better SEO (higher traffic, more reviews, 0 structured data errors) are more likely to receive rich snippets.

How can I better my chances of getting rich snippets?

If you’ve installed Get Clicked SEO on your Shopify store, and you really want Google to award your site with rich snippets, we recommend you do the following:

Submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console.

Why? This helps get Google’s attention and lets them know that you made some recent changes to your site to improve it’s SEO. It tells Google “hey, look at my site!”

Once Google visits your site, they’ll see the rich snippet code and can begin the process of awarding your site with rich snippets.

Why are my product reviews not showing up on Google?

There could be a couple reasons why this might be happening.

1.) You don’t have a rich snippet app installed on your store. Try a 7 day free trial of Get Clicked SEO for your Shopify store.

2.) If you have a rich snippet app installed, and aren’t seeing results, you may have structured data errors on your website (caused by your theme or crappy SEO apps).

3.) You may be blacklisted by Google. If you have done anything naughty such as purchased backlinks, you could be punished by Google.

4.) If you have a rich snippet app installed, have you waited 3-12 weeks already? Be patient, it can take awhile. There are a billion websites out there Google needs to visit alongside yours.

5.) Apps such as YOTPO allow you to receive customer reviews, but you’ll need to first unlock their premium feature in order for these product reviews to be displayed on Google. Get Clicked SEO works automatically with YOTPO.

Wrap Up

I hope this article has given you a good idea of what rich snippets are and how you can get them on your Shopify store.

We’ve covered quite a bit here in this article including how they work and the different ways you can expect to see them benefit your shop. Feel free to leave a comment down below with any questions you might have!


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