Frequently Asked Questions

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right click defender faq

How Do I Install Right Click Defender?

Once you’ve installed the app, we’ll automatically generate the code necessary to block people from stealing your images and text.

You do not need to do anything else. 

How Do I Uninstall Right Click Defender?

From your Apps overview page, click on the trash button.

The app will be removed permanently from your Shopify store.

How Does Right Click Defender work?

Our app blocks people from right clicking on your images so that they can’t copy your images.

It also blocks people from dragging and dropping your images.

Lastly, it blocks people from highlighting your text so that they can’t steal your text.

How Do I Control My Settings?

1.) From Desktop Settings on your Dashboard, select the security settings you prefer

2.) To turn on ‘Disable pasting into form fields,’ select the box next to it

Why Is There a “Protected by Right Click Defender” badge on my storefront?

As a free app, we automatically display our badge on your store. 

Turning off this badge is a premium feature. To remove the badge from your storefront, click ‘Go Premium $2.99 Monthly’ on the dashboard.

How Does Right Click Defender Benefit my Shopify Store?

Our app keeps your unique content safe. It prevents content thieves from trying to pass your hard earned work off as their own.

By blocking all right click actions, our app keeps your images and text guarded 24/7 (even while you sleep!)

How Can I Tell If the App is Working?

To test if our app is working, simply hover over an image on your store. You will see that you cannot right click on the image.

Similarly, if you hover over any text, you can’t highlight or copy the text.

Will the App Still Work If I Uninstall it?

Sorry, but the app only works while it is installed. If you want to keep your content safe, make sure to keep Right Click Defender installed at all times.

Premium members who cancel their subscription will no longer be charged.

I Really Love This App! How Can I Show My Support?

If you a minute, please consider writing us a positive review letting us know what you love most about our app.  Positive reviews help increase our sales, and enable us to continue making updates to this app.

How Do I Disable Text select and Image Menu from mobile and tablets?

This is a premium feature. On the dashboard, click ‘Go Premium $2.99 Monthly.’

I Have a Question. Can you Help Me?

Sure thing! Feel free to email us anytime and we’ll make sure to get back to you shortly. 

Also, make sure to check out our Help Center which contains the help documentation for Right Click Defender.

Last Updated On May 24, 2018