Error Message: Keyword was Not Found in the H1 Tag

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Are you seeing this error message?

“The keyword was not found in the H1 tag. It should appear one time in the H1 tag.”

What does this mean?

You’re getting this error message because our scanner tool couldn’t find your keyword in your H1 tag.

Perhaps you’ve selected a keyword, but have forgotten to update your product title?

Shopify automatically uses your product title as the H1 tag of your webpage. If your product title doesn’t contain your keyword, then your h1 tag won’t contain it either.

If the keyword you wrote in your page title is different than the keyword you’ve selected. Our scanner can’t find an exact match and this is why it’s showing you an error message.

Example: If your product title is “Hot Chocolate Powder” then your H1 will also be “Hot Chocolate Powder.”

But if your selected keyword was “cocoa powder”… then the scanner tool will detect a mismatch.

keyword hot cocoa

product title hot chocolate powder

Cocoa powder does not equal Hot Chocolate powder.

But if your selected keyword  was “Hot Chocolate Powder” then the scanner tool will say, this is correct . 🙂

What’s a Keyword? Your keyword is a short phrase or term that best describes your product or webpage.

What’s an H1 Tag? An H1 just means it’s the first heading on your webpage. In technical terms, an H1 tag is an HTML element that displays a heading on your website.

How can I fix this?

In order to fix this, you’ll want to enter your keyword in your product title. This will automatically update your h1 tag.

You’ll also want to make sure that the keyword you’ve entered in your product title is an exact match of the keyword you’ve selected. This means your keyword needs to be written word for word, letter for letter in the same order you’ve placed them.  It needs to be an exact match, and not even one character off.


If you spread out the words in your keyword throughout your product title, Google won’t understand what phrase you are trying to rank for. In this example below, we’ve selected our keyword as Hot Chocolate Powder.

keyword hot chocolate powder

Good Example

In the good example, I’ve used the exact match of this phrase in my product title. This will create an exact match in my H1 tag.

product title hot chocolate powder

Bad Example

In the bad example, I’ve spread out my keyword phrase all throughout the product title so Google doesn’t know what keyword I’m trying to target.

keyword mismatch

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