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About Us

Our Mission

We exist to help merchants grow their online business.

A merchant is anyone who runs a Shopify E-commerce store selling retail products or services. They make their living online and are focused on creating a company. The future of online shopping is changing rapidly, and we want to be a part of that journey.

Our Vision

We want to grow in relation to our merchants. When we help our merchants grow their online business, our software app company will also scale at the same time. With every app sold on the Shopify app store and with each five star rating we receive, we know that we’re headed in right direction.

Here’s our vision in six parts:

Earn our merchants $1,000,000 per month – Yes, that’s one million. We want our apps to really help our merchants grow their businesses by increasing their sales. We will strive to be the #1 Shopify app company on the marketplace.

$100,000 monthly reoccurring revenue – Our success depends on our ability to deliver high performing apps that actually work well in real life situations. We are committed to spending long hours (and weekends) perfecting our apps!

10,000 merchants using Adolab – We want Shopify merchants to be able to live entirely off the income they make through their online store. To reach this goal, they need help growing their online presence and reaching more customers (that’s where we come in).

Max of 10 employees or Less – We understand the importance of keeping our company small and efficient. By having an intimate team to work with, we can ensure that our company will always be innovative, flexible, and maintain a personal edge.

Zero Investments – That’s right! We don’t need investors to build a top Shopify app company. We know what it takes (clean code & awesome customer service) to get to the top.

100% Remote – We don’t need fancy office buildings with expensive rent or big screen projectors to make awesome apps. We travel around the world, which keeps us happy as can be to answer every email you send our way!


Our Values


Share our Knowledge – We want to be your teacher! By posting weekly informative guides and educational blog articles, we aim to teach you skills you can’t get anywhere else.

Daily Improvements – Here at Adolab, we don’t just make an app and walk away from it. We roll up our sleeves and create constant improvements to the user experience (through updates and tutorials).

Create a Resource  –  Have a question? Don’t know how something quite works? We have your back. Our Knowledge Base contains tons of articles and instructional videos that will teach you everything you need to know.

Less is More – We don’t want to make apps that do everything. We want to make apps that do one particular thing extraordinarily well.

Treat Customers like Friends –  We don’t leave you hanging and we promise to always have your back. We want our customers to be happy forever (not just in the on-boarding phase). That’s why when you tell us about a super cool feature request you thought of or have a question, we respond to your emails within 24 hours or less.

Neat Design – We aim to create apps with easy to use dashboards with little to no setup. We want to make using our apps a total pleasure.

Always Be Better – We want to be the best we can be! Our team is constantly brushing up on our coding abilities and e-commerce strategies in order to deliver the very best content we can to your fingertips.


A Little Company With a lot of Heart

It’s true we’re little, but that’s just an advantage (in our opinion). When you work with us, you’ll know right away that you made the right decision to choose our apps over the competition.

Why? We really want you to succeed in doing what you love most: creating a successful online business. We also want you to live the life you want to live.

The truth is we take pleasure in seeing merchants grow.

We see merchants as being one of us. A person who had the ‘itch’ to create something from nothing, and make it happen no matter what it took.

And we want to be there for you as you take that journey from newbie merchant to pro merchant. We want our apps to help you reach your goal of selling 1 million dollars a year online and taking that much needed vacation.

Everything we do is to get you from point A to B. And we’re standing at the finish line rooting for you!

That’s why when you talk to one us at Adolab, you’ll instantly know how much we care. We are real human beings that understand it’s not easy creating an online business, and we are always here to help.

Knowing we are small, we’ll always push further and take our service to that next level (that goes above and beyond). Send us an email and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

We detest corporate hogwash (eww! that’s not us and never will be), but we love having a one-on-one interaction with our merchants.

We look forward to helping your Shopify store grow!

~ Nathan & Adriana

nathan and adriana

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