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About Us

Adolab is a boutique software company founded in sunny California. We’re a married couple plus a dog who are super passionate about the future of e-commerce. We take pride building awesome, five star Shopify apps. Our goal is to help creative folks sell their products online.

Whether you sell dog apparel or temporary tattoos, our apps are designed to benefit your shop! We always build our apps with merchants in mind. We solve everyday e-commerce problems such as increasing SEO to converting shoppers into paying customers.

We get that Shopify merchants are just normal people, like you and me. That’s why we build practical apps that are simple, easy to install, and never require any coding.

Today, our apps monitor hundreds of thousands of products in a single day. We are proud that our apps can give a helping hand to merchants who want to improve their SEO and search ranking.

The future of online shopping is changing rapidly, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the journey.

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