Do I Have To Do Anything Before The App Will Work?

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Nope, you don’t have to do anything for our app to work! Our app has automatically inserted structured data directly into your site. By installing Get Clicked, you’ve taken the first step in improving your site’s SEO.

The purpose of Get Clicked is to add structured data to your shop to help google understand what is on the page it’s looking at. This allows search engines like Google to show your shop with enhanced search results (called “rich snippets“).

However, this is just a single SEO technique that you can use to grow your Shopify store. Our app is just one tool in your SEO tool kit.

Basically what this will do on a product page is showcase things like product images, descriptions, availability, inventory, pricing, reviews and overall scores. Shopify store owners really find that showcasing their 5 star reviews really helps drive more traffic to their store because the yellow stars are very eye catching and tend to get more clicks.

In order to get the most out of this app, you’ll want to do some work on your end to optimize your site.

You’re probably already doing things like adding beautiful product images, and descriptions but you will want to also encourage customers to write reviews when they make purchases. This allows your products to show up prominently in the result pages. Here’s a helpful guide on how to optimize your product pages.

If your site doesn’t have product descriptions (pricing, availability, a persuasive description) then Google won’t be able to display information that isn’t there. Similarly, if your site doesn’t have reviews yet for products, Google cannot display star ratings.

Good things take time.

Its going to take a lot of hard work and patience to develop really great SEO for your site.

Lucky for you you’ve already started your SEO journey by installing Get Clicked. Now you’ll just to continue working on your SEO in order to see more positive results.

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